Finding the Secrets of Serenity through practicing the Symptoms of Sobriety

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Substance Abuse Counseling, Education & Evaluation

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Please Note: We have made some changes recently in program content and requirements to optimize the time our clients spend  at Solutions Over Substances.

The Out Patient Treatment program utilizes 12 step based solution focused strategic group therapy methods developed by the staff at Solutions Over Substances to serve the needs of the special populations which we serve and is combined with  the Gorski/CENAPS Relapse Prevention psychoeducational relapse prevention model.   We believe that, given the short time frame that  individuals are in the program, we are able to maximize the effectiveness of the client’s treatment experience by utilizing these proven recovery techniques.

Clients in Solutions Over Substances Out Patient Treatment Programs are also required to verify attendance in 12 step meetings, have a 12 step sponsor and complete workbooks on the first three steps prior to successful completion of the program.

Substance Abuse Supportive Out Patient Treatment Program

The process is usually completed in 24 sessions (12 in Phase I & 12 in Phase II). 

Phase I - Monday & Tuesday Evenings 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM = 6 weeks/12 sessions. A  minimum of  twice weekly 12 step meetings and complete 12 step workbook exercises, Steps 1 thru 3.

Phase II - Wednesday Evenings 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM = twelve weeks/12 sessions.  Continue 12 step meetings and step work and complete Relapse Prevention workbook exercises.

Substance Abuse Intensive Out Patient Treatment Program

The Intensive Program is  based on each individual's assessed needs at the time of admission to the program but is generally a 24 week/42 session program in three phases. Fees and schedule for the Intensive Program will be discussed prior to admission.

Transition to each phase and successful termination is a treatment team decision based on each individual’s progress and compliance with criteria for each phase.  See attached transition check list for transition and discharge requirements.

Substance Abuse Education and Awareness Group

This program is designed to meet the needs of  those individuals who are not assessed as chemically dependent but have shown evidence of substance abuse or the possibility of a developing problem. Emphasis is on life skills and life style change to prevent future difficulty with mind altering chemicals. It is a 12 hour program accomplished in six 2 hour sessions over six weeks on Monday evenings.

USDOT and Criminal Justice Substance Abuse Evaluations

to meet Conditions of Probation and/or Employment -- by appointment only.

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